The Italian ALe 840 and 883  motorcars : interior - decoder - lighting

The  brass  motorcars ALe 840 and ALe 883 in 1/32 : interior, decoder and lighting

Fianally we started to detail the Italian motorcars.

Our brass models are very well detailed on the outside for us. Now we are going to work on the interior. The detailing will never be able to approach the factory models because we do not use D printing or laser cutting. We are using some cast brass parts we have left over from past projects.

The motor bogies have power take-off on all wheels. The front bogie we are equipping with contact removal points on all wheels. We are using parts from the Dingler company.
As a decoder we use an ESU XL 5.0 decoder.

Furthermore, we rely on photos to recreate our interiors. For the ALe840 there is not much available. For the ALe 883 we have interior photos taken by members of the museum (many thanks for this, ), where the restored ALe883007 is located.

However, we are not going to be able to recreate everything in detail. So it will be an impression of reality.
This will already require enough work because interior finishing and lighting were not taken into account during construction.
During the next few weeks I will post pictures of the finishing touches.

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