Construction of the Belgian type : NMBS catenary in 1/32 scale

First some pictures, then the explanation of how we make our catenary.

You can probably have more detail but we need to move our layout to exhibitions, so ... consessions have to be made.

First block : 1:1 scale  

second block : 1:32 scale 

First block : 1/1 scale

Second block : 1/32 scale

What began as a joke has now grown into an immense work.

First we were going to convert the layout "Alterheim" to a Belgian type layout without overhead wires. Then I thought it would be fun to put a "catenary under construction" on it. From polystyrol profiles I made some masts. However, these were not nice and straight so I decided to place brass masts. And now that brass was used anyway, the step to a complete overhead line was quickly made.

After some research and photos, I started making the masts. As you can see from the photos, the poles were made from 8mm H-profile. I will list all the dimensions again .
Several molds were made to solder everything neatly, to the extent possible.

In reality, the poles are placed at a  multiple of 7 meters between eachother, with a maximum of 63m.

For now, the main track is finished. Tension masts still need to be made to provide catenary for the detour track.

The intention is to take this railroad to an exhibition one day. The layout measures almost 9m by 80cm. The contact wires consist of 1 piece for now. Therefore the masts are removable and a solution to transport them has yet to be found.

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