How we make the roads, bridges , fences and track in our modelrailroad / modelrailway in scale 1:32


Bridges and fences

The track :

The tracks in this section are the classic Märklin tracks with the stainless steel rails. In other parts we use Hegob (Hegob.de) , KM-1 (KM-1.de) or ex-Hübner (Märklin H-series) tracks. On these last 3 you can more easily solder the wires for the power supply. We try to use wires of about 1 to 1.5mm2.
The shotter is sieved porphyry gravel from a construction trade/sand and gravel trade. We sieve until we obtain a fraction of about 1.7 to 2mm in size of the stones. Everything is glued with a mixture of white glue and water, not to forget the drop of dishwashing soap.

Bridges :

The street bridges are from RT-Diorama. The front bridge has been modified. The space inside is first filled with PUR foam and then finished with acrylic paste and a mixture of tile joint and white wood glue.

The railway bridge is self-construction. Also here, the inside is covered with the same mixture of tile joint and wood glue.

The railings / fences are made of Graupner parts and brass wire. These are first blackened in an acid solution and some H2O2. After that they are not painted anymore, just oxidized turned out to be sufficient.

The streets :

The cobbled road consists of a clay underlay ( white on the picture). Then + 10.000 orange lentils are glued one by one with wood glue. Afterwards, everything was coloured with a mixture of paint and grey tile grout.

The street at the front consists of a mixture of grey tile joint and wood glue. This time a thick layer has been applied to enable a certain sphere formation of the street. Not much else has been done about this.
Since we are planning  to drive cars on this road, cars that will be driven by a GPS system of "Games On Track", we have not provided a wire in the road, so we will not use the faller-car system.