By request, we started working on a modular diorama. It has as dimensions 3m length, depth 30cm and height about 55cm. It consists of 3 parts of 1m length each.
The theme is Deutsche Bundesbahn with overhead wiring.
The lighting, RGB-Led, is built in, there will be a shuttle control for the CS3 from Märklin.
The rails are from Hegob (D), oak sleepers, the rails are from Hosenträger as well as the rail axles.
The signal is from Art&Trains in Italy.
There are also accessories from Oppermann Modellbau (D).
The vegetation was purchased from Horster Modelbouw and from Locdepot, both in the Netherlands. Remnants of vegetation from the garden were also used.
The shotter has been sifted using porphyry stone chips of 0-4mm.
The catenary poles are from Wünder (D), the contact wire is soldered on site and comes from hoFine (D).

More info will follow.

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