SBB Krokodil - Märklin item

 SBB Krokodil , scale 1:32,  

Small modifications to the Märklin Krokodil will be explained here.

We changed the decoder to ESU 4.0XL or 5.0XL

We also changed the lights and some other small details. 

First the shunting Krokodil : 

The lampholders are changed by new ones from Spur-1-Werkstatt. In the first 3, we glued a SMD led with black shriking tube into the lamp holder. Then we glued the lamp holders onto the upright plate. I think its better to glue the lampholder first and then glue the smd in it. I had to repare a broken lamp holder , and there I first glued the lamp holder. Also for the second 3 lamps, we put a drop of Micro Crystal Clear solution on the smd led to imitate the bulb of the lamp. Then again a small piece of shrinking tube or other black tube is used to imitate the fitting of the lamp.

There was a period where the Krokodils had a blue light. But we needed to have both, white and blue light. Since there is no dual led blue/white, we put the blue light on the back of the white. So it is invisible when not illuminated.

We flattened the upright plate by scraping off all unnecessary parts and imitated the electrical tubing . We still need to scrape off the electrical connetions on the front side of the upright plate (Grey zone).

Also the shunting bars are modified by bending small brass tubes.

We also changed the Märklin decoder by an ESU 5.0XL decoder. All the wiring was replaced by new one. Cabin lights are also installed.

Peter made some accessory parts both for the outside and the inside of the loco.