The preparations for dressing up the 180-degree curve with landscape have begun. There will be two "viewing boxes" about 1 meter wide and in the middle there will be a wider piece that connects to a village in the background as well as to a small museum track in the foreground.

Both the left part of the landscape and the middle part will be situated on the Swiss side of the border. These will have Swiss catenary pylons (converted Märklin pylons). The right section is located in Italy. Here the Art&Trains catenary masts will be used. Afterwards the curve will connect to an Italian station area.

The museum track will be a fictitious company with a "Glasskasten" and a DHG 500 as rolling stock, as well as some simple passenger cars and small freight cars.
The glass cabinets is a brass model of which the manufacturer is unknown. We have digitized it with an ESU 5L decoder . This fits right in the boiler together with 2 small Ho loudspeakers from ESU so that the interior of the cabin is free of decoder or loudspeaker.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)