ESU ECoS command system -

TOUCHCAB - ECoS controller

FUNKY remote control -

CRESTRON home automation system

Modelrailroad / modelrailway in scale 1:32

The main controls of the model railroad are made through the ECoS and the Crestron systems.

ESU ECoS system : components :

Since 2007 we control our gauge 1 trains with the ESU ECoS system. We use al components like the booster (8A), the Loconet converter for the Funky system, the Detector ( should we make a point to point part in the layout), the switch pilot and the extension (neccessary for the Tortoise switch machines and the signal). The switch pilot servo will make the link with the Crestron system and will allow the control of the servos activating the graves.

As remote control we had since 2011 the Touchcab application (for iPhone) or the ECoS controller app (for Android). For this purpose the ECoS is connected to a router. We still have this possibility and since last year we also have the Funky system. This is a Swiss system that is also used on the German gauge 1 module gatherings. (

There is also a fan built in, both behind the ECoS itself and at the bottom where all the power supplies are.

The Crestron system is programmed by and controls all auditive and visual effects.

The sound system is from SONOS (Play 1 and 3).