NMBS / SNCB layout  in 1:32

Gauge one , 1:32   :  Alterheim, DB theme, to be transformed into an NMBS / SNCB theme

(Belgium, at the border with Germany)

Photos of the NMBS layout

(December 2021 - May 2022)

On this page we will discuss the transformation of a DB track 1 layout to one located in Belgium, just on the German border. Therefore, there will be a DB signal and catenary mast on the left side.
The layout is about 8.5 m long, in terms of scenery. When the sidings are added, we arrive at almost 20m.

We are going to try to make the catenary functional, i.e. the pantographs of the locomotives can drag against the contact wire.

As it is a modular layout the catenary will be removable, basing ourselves on the already used concept.

The layout will be a part of the "Spur 1 Modultreffen", Halver , Germany,  May 28-29, 2022

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