The centerpiece of the layout : the church. How we transformed the RT-Diorama model.

The button on the left brings you at a place between the church and the cemetry on a windy and stormy night where strange things happen ...

The church is a construction kit of RT-DIORAMA. It consists of different sets that we have placed together into 1 whole. The roof is built with more than 4000 separate roof tiles from Juweela.

The plaster walls are reinforced with thin plywood placed approximately 1 cm away. These are glued with acrylic paste. At the top of the opening we have placed some LED lights (working on 4.5V which are mainly sold during the Christmas period)

LED lighting has also been installed in the tower and in the ridge of the roof. The interior design, which will never be seen, was created in-house. This was more of a test and subsequent buildings will be recreated even more accurately.

A self-made "wheelchair" moves through the church. This is propelled by the MAGNORAIL system.

So we have a plywood base plate as a base for the church and its immediate surroundings.

The Magnorail is placed in a milled opening in an MDF board of the correct thickness and everything is covered with a thin plexi sheet on which we have pasted a foil to imitate the floor. (For the thicknesses, the strengths of the magnets have been taken into account).


Short description of our scratch build switch tower in scale 1/32