Helvetia  compact diorama

A functional compact diorama that fits in every room in the house

We have started a new project :

we would like to take a more compact model railroad diorama to exhibitions. This will reduce transport costs and make moving easier. Also, this is a test to see if there is interest from model train enthusiasts , to order / buy a compact diorama from us.

It will eventually work completely autonomously with its own built-in controls and home automation.
In this diorama we are going to have the possibility to connect it to our stage yards.

The base is made of 12mm thick poplar plywood.
Furthermore, our lighting will be via quality RGB+W led strips.
The sound will come from SONOS speakers and everything will be controlled by a Crestron home automation system.

The control of the layout here will be done by a Märklin CS3. We can also offer other control systems.

In the pictures you can follow the evolution of the works. We started on 12/6/2023 and hope to finish it by the Chambery exhibition, end of October 2023.

It will be a race against time as it is only a hobby and cannot be worked on daily.

The dimensions are : 2 technical boxes , width 60cm, depth 50cm and height 80cm (one on each side)

                                          3 landscape modules, width 100cm, depth 50cm and height 80cm